Side Projects

Week of May 26th, 2024

Getting back into the swing of things. I’ve had a productive week. Work is chugging along. Summer is our slow season. So I have the opportunity to pullback and focus on strategy and the bigger picture.

Carving is SO BACK

I’m working on a carving of the Virgin Mary. This is the fist time I’ve made a carving from an image. In the past I’ve used patterns or images from coloring books. For this carving I took a picture of the Virgin Mary. I then set it to be in black and white. And used that to pencil it onto my basswood. So far I’m pleasantly surprised with how its turned out. I’m incredibly nervous about the face. I am not good at those. Eyes are tricky. I’m going to practice on some scrap later this week before I attempt to do it for real.

But it feels good to be carving again. I felt stuck doing the same carving over and over. But it seems like this method of taking a picture and putting a black and white filter on it will be pretty successful.

The Catholic Handbook Updates

I’ve been hammering out a lot of articles for the Catholic Handbook the last few weeks. I’m happy with the progress. Since May just ended, I’ll do total earnings for May. We’ll see how long I keep up disclosing the money I make. For now it’s fun. It might not be fun in the future.

Earnings: $46.63(Google) + $9.18(Affiliates) = $55.81

Not too shabby! I’ve already hit my first goal of being able to cover the costs of my email marketing tool. And I only had Google Adsense activated for the last two(ish) weeks in May. So June is on track to be probably closer to $100. That’s exciting.


Sent out the weekly newsletter. Wrote: Prayer Before Communion, Prayer to St. Lucy


It looks like I’ll have two articles published this summer in Catholic publications. That should help build the Catholic Handbook reputation. Wrote: 30 Novena to St. Joseph, St. Jude Prayer, St. Abigail


Wrote: Patron Saint of Sleep, St. Gertrude Prayer


Wrote: Litany of Humility


I’ve been dealing with a lot of fatigue. I’m currently on a diet. I’m down 10 lbs, but I’m also down on motivation. The fear for this weight loss cycle is that I lose a ton of strength. I have lost a bit off my Bench Press. But Deadlift and Squat seem to be holding up. To be fair, Bench Press is very heady for me. I have some mental blocks with it. Probably because I’m lifting over 200lbs above my head. But 10lbs down is pretty good for May.

I went for a two mile ruck on Saturday. No doubt I looked pretty good walking around my neighborhood with a 25lb weight in my backpack. At the time I didn’t think it beat me up too much. But I’m feeling it today on Sunday. Rucking might be a good source of cardio. I’m not really in the mood to get into running.


I finished Dante’s Inferno this week. It was great. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m trying to decide what my next book should be. I bought out my Kindle as I’m trying to use that more for reading. So maybe I can find a good $0.99 book on Kindle.

My wife and I have started watching Lost. It starts so strong and then I just get bored with it. This is my second attempt and I’m already fading. It’s all build up with zero payoff. The fashions are fun though! Everything is clearly from the early 2000s.