Side Projects

Week of May 20th, 2024

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly update. That’s because I’ve been working on something private. Everything is fine. It’s just not something I want to put out there. Work has also been pushing me this month. I have a website to launch, a studio to manage, and I’m building out a new product for ISI. AND I’m understaffed. Hopefully with memorial day coming up things will start to chill out a bit.

Back in 2015, I was 25. I lived in royal Oak Michigan. I worked for General Motors. And, I hated my life. So I put most of my belongings in a storage locker and moved to Austin, Texas. That was the beginning of the adventure that was my mid to late twenties. After Austin I moved to Harrisburg, which got me to New York City. Which is where I met my now wife. And where I was when the pandemic hit.

Through all of my moving around, I always had that storage locker. It was in the background. That constant waste of money. But it was a reminder that I started an adventure. I wore it like a badge of honor. It was the price I paid to escape being a good Michigan man. Yes it was an automatic payment every month. But it was also a reminder that I wasn’t going to be some guy working for a car company in Metro Detroit.

But now that I’m married and settled down. It was time to stop the automatic payments. So I went and cleaned out that old storage locker. The locker that held all my prized possessions when I was 25. The locker that was holding my old life in stasis. Filled with stuff that would be ready for me when I stopped my adventure. And when I opened it, do you know what I found? A bunch of junk. I suppose that’s the sign of a good adventure.

The Catholic Handbook Updates

Earnings: $27.70 (Google) + $4.41(CleanMedia) = $32.11


Wrote two articles about the Corpus Christi Novena and the St. Joan of Arc Novena. Also wrote and scheduled the newsletter to go out on Tuesday. I’m thinking about doing two newsletters a week. A tuesday news aggregator newsletter and a Thursday promo newsletter.

New logo. After doing some research on Instagram, I realized that most good Catholic accounts have beautiful logos. It’s time to up my game/

I had ChatGPT design it and then give me the explanation of what it means. I think it knocked it out of the park with its first try.

Here’s a breakdown of the visual elements in the logo for “The Catholic Handbook” and the reasoning behind each choice:

  1. Stylized Cross:
    • Why: The cross is a central symbol of Catholicism, representing faith and the church.
    • Design: A stylized, elegant cross integrates tradition with a modern touch, making it visually appealing and recognizable.
  2. Open Book:
    • Why: The open book symbolizes knowledge, learning, and the handbook’s function as a source of information.
    • Design: The book is depicted in a classic style to emphasize the educational aspect while maintaining a traditional aesthetic.
  3. Halo or Light Aura:
    • Why: The halo or light aura signifies holiness and divine inspiration, reinforcing the sacred nature of the content.
    • Design: The light adds a sense of warmth and divinity, highlighting the spiritual guidance the handbook offers.
  4. Color Scheme (Gold, Deep Blue, White):
    • Gold: Represents divinity, glory, and the richness of Catholic tradition.
    • Deep Blue: Symbolizes wisdom, depth, and the heavens, adding a sense of trust and authority.
    • White: Conveys purity, simplicity, and holiness, balancing the other colors and keeping the design clean.
  5. Classic Serif Font:
    • Why: A serif font conveys authority, tradition, and readability, fitting for a handbook meant to guide and educate.
    • Design: The classic style of the font adds a timeless quality, reinforcing the long-standing traditions of the Catholic Church.

The combination of these elements creates a logo that is both traditional and modern, reflecting the brand’s mission to provide authoritative and sacred guidance while being visually appealing and easily recognizable.

Deep Blue: #02172c
Gold: #b09123
White: #f5f3df
Black: #131819
Grey: #696665
Accent Blue(which is the same as the old blue. I’m nostalgic): #004AAD


Three more articles: The Lord is My Shepherd, All Souls Day Novena, St. Joseph Terror of Demons. Adsense account verified.


Wrote an article and sent it to a Catholic publication. Wrote an article about Bible Verses for Athletes. Updated 19 meta descriptions to be more SEO-y.

Rest of the Week

Was busy cleaning out an old storage locker