Side Projects

Week of May 13th, 2024

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly update. That’s because I’ve been working on something private. Everything is fine. It’s just not something I want to put out there. Work has also been pushing me this month. I have a website to launch, a studio to manage, and I’m building out a new product for ISI. AND I’m understaffed. Hopefully with memorial day coming up things will start to chill out a bit.

The Quest for a 225lb Bench Press has been accomplished. I benched 225 for 3,3,2,2. Feels good man. Feels good.

We went to Ocean City on Friday for a long beach weekend. We spent the weekend with another couple. It rained the whole time. But we still had fun. It was nice to get a change of scenery and to relax a little.

There was a cool car show! Car shows in general are just good wholesome fun. The crowd is a little rowdy and not the healthiest. But it would have been a great event to take some kids to.

No carvings this week the weather has been terrible.

I’ve been learning how to fly the Beechcraft King Air in xplane 12. Results have been mixed.

The Catholic Handbook Updates

As I build The Catholic Handbook publicly this is where I’ll keep what I’ve done:


Submitted TCH to Google Adsense so that it would start showing ads. I also wrote this article about prayers after communion. And I wrote and scheduled the weekly TCH newsletter to go out on Wednesday.


I wrote this article on Saint Cajetan for the unemployed and wrote a post about Saint Dominic. Created a welcome email sequence in ConvertKit. the welcome sequence asks people to respond to the email with what they hope to get out of TCH newsletter. My hope is that this will inspire some good content and products that I can offer. Applied to the Sophia Institute , TAN Books affiliate program. And got accepted.

I need to verify my address with Google. So it’ll be a few days before I can start showing ads.


Did research on Catholic publications to get backlinks. Several places allow you to just contribute articles. So that’s encouraging. I wrote an article on Saint Philomena.


Wrote a post about the five prayers of Fatima. Looking at my competition I’ve got no shot at ranking for this one. I also wrote 10 First Communion Gifts. This one is a big one because it’s full of affiliate links. Most affiliate marketing I’ve done is through email. But if I can get people to click on links through SEO, that page has the potential to me a real money maker.