Week of March 11, 2024

By Jon Elordi

Inspired by my friend Chuck Grimmett I’m going to try and do a weekly post summarizing/reviewing my week. I always enjoy Chuck’s posts and I’m sure he gets a kick looking back at his old posts. Normally his posts are full of great pictures and they really tell a story. I aspire to reach that level. So with that here is my review of the week.

The longer days are back and I am finally happy. It always catches me by surprised how depressed the dark winter evenings make me. And how much joy I get from having extra daylight in the evening. Don’t get me wrong, the warm weather helps too. But I love that the sun now goes down around 7:30 PM.

I was able to go for several walks, and do some work outside.

The beginning of the week was spent in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We were visiting a specialist for some routine medical stuff. I love central Pennsylvania. I would love to move there if there were jobs and fun things to do. Unfortunately, while central Pennsylvania is charming, I don’t see it as a viable place to live. It’s shame. It’s a place full of good people. But we’re city folk, I guess.

The trip to Carlisle plus the time change threw off my sleep for the week. Had to wake up early on Monday for the appointment, and I just couldn’t catch a break on sleep for a few days after. I got there in the end, but it did make for a rough start to the week.

Website redesign! I have once again redesigned my website. I went with a Mad Men theme and I’m digging it. Most of the images are AI generated using Midjourney. I’m also exploring the idea of getting into fractional CMO work. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a marketing agency. But an agency sound terrible. I don’t want to be constantly begging for clients. I would much rather be a consultant and hired on a fractional basis to run a marketing department. My favorite parts of marketing are building a department with strong foundations. I’m not interested in having to convince a client that the work I do for htem is actually valuable.

I like play video games in the evening to unwind. I play maybe 3-4 nights a week for about an hour. And lately I’ve been playing HELLDIVERS 2. It’s an absolutely fantastic game. The game takes place in a future where “Super Earth” is fighting off invasions from bug hordes(think Starship Troopers) and robot armies(think Terminator). The game play is fun and just challenging enough. But the most fun part of the game are the vibes. Super Earth is a semi-fascist neoconservative parody. They do everything for the sake of managed democracy. And have such catch phrases as, “have a cup of liber-tea!” The game rocks.

I’ve also been playing with some old friends from college. It’s been great to reconnect and to shoot bugs. For the most part I play video games solo. But playing with friends has really added another dimension.

I read this article by my friend Aaron Renn. The gist of it is as we age we need to level up and become more serious. On the one hand I agree with him, on the other, I hate what he’s advocating for. It’s fitting that I put this article after my section on video games. I don’t know what Aaron thinks about video games, but publicly talking about it is likely not part of Leveling Up.

I think Aaron is accurately describing the world we live in. And it really got me thinking about how I should level up. I am admittedly very immature and probably annoying with my online behavior. My problem with leveling up is that I find it disingenuous. I am a good marketer and have done great work running my department. But I am naturally a jokester and a nonconformist. It’s hard for my disposition to accept the reality of leveling up. It was great food for thought.

The warm weather means I can carve wood again. I’m working on an icon of St. Michael the Archangel. His wings and face are looking pretty good, but in the image I’m copying he has curly hair. And I am butchering it. Curly hair has been my downfall. That’s okay, though. It’s the first carving of the season. I’ll get better.

The most annoying part of my week was tying my bench press PR. I did it, but I totally wimped out on the third set. I was so mad.

Bitcoin is hot right now. So naturally I’m hopping in and by memecoins. I’ve been a fan of ETH and BTC for a while now. But I wanted to have some fun so I played around with different things and bought some goofy coins.