The Real Danger of CRT

By Jon Elordi

Critical race theory or CRT is one of the tools the left is using to gain power in America. Interestingly, it has been the issue the right has been able to successfully demonize over the last year or so. The right usually isn’t successful at anything, so the fact that their winning this battle is of some interest. 

The two best-known crusaders against the ideology are James Lindsey and Chris Rufo. And they both make some decent points as to why CRT is bad. Lindsay debunks CRT by looking at the history of the critical theorists while Rufo muckrakes. Both are adequate and both are probably wasting their time. They are using rational arguments in an attempt to defeat a theology.

Society & Religion

Wherever there is a society, religion is absolutely necessary


Every stable society is based on a founding myth, a religion. Rome had Romulus and Reamus, and its strong religion is preciously why it was so successful. A nation prospers because of its religion and not despite it. The great empires of history all brought great religions, be it Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, or pagan. 

To this end, the United States has a founding myth and religion. The religion of the United States is a form of rational materialism valuing Freedom and Equality above all else. Sorry Christian conservatives, if this were a Christian country, we wouldn’t have these very pagan-looking monuments for our great men: Washington & Lincoln. With the founding myth being the American Revolution. An underdog story about an oppressed people who fought the greatest Navy the world had ever seen and instituted a representative democracy that would go on to become the greatest country in the world. It’s a good creation myth, and the religion is close enough to the truth that The United States built an empire.

This is where CRT comes in. CRT is a new founding myth. It’s a new religion. The employment of CRT in the United States isn’t a policy but a religious conversion. It’s a new religion that’s sweeping across the country. And while it is wrong and illogical, as Rufo and Lindsay like to point out. Its main sin is that it is heretical. It violates the United States creation myth. No longer an underdog story but actually a story of repression and force. The founders whom we built monuments to are not the bad guys. This is both troubling and upsetting to the average American. And this is why Lindsay and Rufo are likely having success. 

For this reason there is no hope whatever for those societies which abandon the austere worship of truth for the idolatry of genius. On the heels of sophisms come revolutions; on the heels of sophists , executioners.

John Donoso Cortes