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Pride month is upon us. There are rainbows everywhere. Soon there will be parades in major cities across the United States. It’ll all be very gay.

The pride symbol has been something of interest to me lately. It is constantly being added to as more and more genders and orientations are discovered—new colors injected in disordered places. In fact, it’s humorous. It used to just be a rainbow. Brightly colored and sufficiently gay by either definition. But because of the new addition of so many orientations, they’ve had to add less vibrant colors like brown and black. So what was once a colorful celebration is now a chaotic palette.

The flag is the highest symbol of the LGBT movement. The queer world is one of constant fragmentation. Every person is required to find their “true self,” or something like that, and it leads to continual splintering.

The queer ideology preys on the fact that we are individuals, albeit individuals in a collective. But they seem to ignore the collective aspect.

At its core, it is an anarchic gnostic ideology. It rejects the body for some unknown “true self” that is secret and can only be discovered through some mysterious process. Hence why, it’s constantly fracturing. Eventually, if not already, they’ll say that every individual is some unique gender and orientation. It ends with pure atomization.

The LGBT movement is supremely democratic. This is why it is proper to view this movement as a form of Marxism. They have flattened the hierarchy of the world. In a previous time, man could look to his King and to his God for meaning and order. Now man must look to himself. He has made himself God-King and is left with meaningless disorder.

And that is what we see in the example below—a queer monstrosity of a design.

The image represents everything except truth, beauty, and goodness. It has no hierarchy. It has no order. Because to say that one thing is preferential to another would be to admit goodness. And once the good is recognized, God is recognized. Queerness is the ultimate rejection of order, and because of that, it can never be beautiful. It can only produce chaotic representation.



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