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The Catholic Handbook Updates – May 26th, 2024

The Catholic Handbook Updates

I’ve been hammering out a lot of articles for the Catholic Handbook the last few weeks. I’m happy with the progress. Since May just ended, I’ll do total earnings for May. We’ll see how long I keep up disclosing the money I make. For now it’s fun. It might not be fun in the future.


Every brand should be pivoting or expanding to YouTube. It’s one of the world’s largest search engines and one of the main places people discover content. I ought to be expanding TCH to YouTube. but I’m struggling to think of the right content. I’m not an apologist not a theologian. On Monday, I attempted to make Catholic themed Binaural Beats as I like listening to those while I work and figured others might as well. But after about an hour, I gave up. The guys making relation videos on YouTube are more skilled than I.

Not sure if this is something I should keep at or look for another angle. Expanding to other platforms and building traffic through multiple mediums is a must. The other options are socials like Twitter and Instagram. But I kind of hate social media. It’s fun for individuals, but I see little place for brands on those platforms. People want to build relationships on those platforms, and I want to provide value. I very much want to set it, and forget it.

Pinterest is another option. Catholicism is full of art, and TCH has tons of great AI generated artwork. But I don’t know enough about the platform.

Long form study videos on YouTube still seem like the best option available. And it’s somewhat on brand.


Sent out the weekly newsletter. Wrote: Padre Pio Healing Prayer

Tried AGAIN to make some sort of relaxing YouTube video and failed. This idea may have to be shelved until I get either better skills or more money to hire a freelancer.




Wrote: St. Francis of Assisi Prayer for Animals

I also switched from Ahrefs to SemRush. After doing some research and checking out the price points. The switch made sense, even though I prefer the Ahrefs UI. SemRush by all most all accounts is the more robust tool.

Started Researching Pinterest. There’s a lot of potential in Pinterest. It’s a very SEO based platform, so it does compliment my blogging efforts really well. Whether or not it can drive traffic, I’m not sure. But you can even throw affiliate links into pins, which strikes me as super sketchy. But tons of people are doing it. I’ll be doing more research on the topic. I find Pinterest to be the most promising of the avenues for expansion.


Scheduled a Pin for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Wrote: St. Joseph Holy Cloak Novena, St. Gabriel Novena, How to Pray a Novena(Corner Stone Content Needed updating)


Wrote: Our Sorrowful Mother Novena and pinned it.