What I do

Does your organization need leadership in the marketing department? Here is what I can do for you.

My extensive background in marketing is a personal commitment to advancing causes I deeply believe in. I understand the language, the values, and the visions that drive these organizations because I’ve lived them. I bring not only a marketer’s expertise but also a believer’s passion and a community member’s understanding.

Here’s my approach to elevating your mission:

Tailored, Mission-Driven Strategies

  • Understanding Your Community: I start by immersing myself in the core values and beliefs of your audience.
  • Crafting Your Message: I’ll help you articulate your mission and vision in a way that inspires action and commitment.
  • Strategic Planning: You’ll receive a clear, actionable plan to achieve your specific goals, from boosting donations to expanding your community.

Hands-On Execution for Real Results

  • Targeted Engagement Campaigns: I manage campaigns that connect deeply with your audience, ensuring your message reaches and profoundly impacts your community.
  • Purposeful Digital Presence: I’ll enhance your online footprint, ensuring it faithfully represents your values and serves as a beacon for your cause.
  • Measuring Impact: I’ll use clear, simple metrics to show you the real difference our efforts are making, allowing for ongoing refinement and improvement.

Leadership with a Personal Touch

  • Building Your Team: I mentor your marketing team, instilling an approach that’s both effective and true to your ethos.
  • Choosing the Right Partners: I carefully select and manage external partners, ensuring they align with your mission and contribute to our shared goals.
  • Collaborating with Leadership: I make sure every marketing move supports and amplifies your overall mission, working closely with your leadership for cohesive growth.

This unique blend of professional experience and personal dedication sets me apart in the field of marketing. I’m not just working on projects. I’m advancing missions, championing values, and helping to build a legacy.

Let’s work together to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with strategies that are as principled as they are powerful.