Recent Projects

Here is a curated list of some of the projects I’ve worked on. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that I work on a wide array of projects. From WordPress sites and Shopify e-commerce stores to Facebook Ads and SEO-optimized articles, I can do it all.

Gold River Tea Co.

Gold River Tea Co. is a beverage company specializing in Tea, Hot Cocoa, and Cacao Tea. They’re a patriotic company that wanted to target people that were right-of-center. For this project, I updated their email capture form increasing the conversion rate from 3% to 8%, and then sent traffic to the site through Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

Cork Sipper

Cork Sipper is a wine and spirits blog that’s looking to educate people about wine using simple down-to-earth language. This project was purely an SEO project. I set up a blazing-fast website, devised a keyword plan using Ahrefs, and then created weekly SEO-optimized articles using Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO
Google Search Console

Hello Fellow Patriot,

Hello Fellow Patriot, is a parody website that has a Beehiiv newsletter integration. The page is meant to be a parody of a republican political campaign website. It has the usual bright colors

newsletter GRowth