I’ve worked on a lot of different stuff.

SEO, Newsletters, Agencies, Nonprofits, For-profits that made no profit. I’ve done it All

If you’re looking for a marketer who can move quickly and make an immediate impact. I’m your guy. And if I’m not your guy, I’m probably not going to make things worse.

The Catholic Handbook

The Catholic Handbook is an SEO thing I do. right now it averages about 10k users a month and has a growing email list. If you like Catholic stuff, check it out.

The Aqueduct

The Aqueduct was a conservative newsletter that took a “fun” approach to the news. I grew the list to 5k people with an average cost per acquisition of $0.50. It had a slick website and a really cool mascot. But the subscribers were not into buying things, and none of the newsletter ad networks would take it because of the politics. So it was shutdown. It was fun while it lasted.

Gold River Trading Company

Ecommerce brand I used to work on. It sold high quality tea. We had the most success using SEO to drive traffic to the site. Things got messy at the company and they wanted to take the brand in a different direction that was more “influencer led.” However, they forgot to revoke my access to the site’s Google Analytics. SEO is still their main source of traffic.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

I’m the director of marketing for this nonprofit. We’ve grown the reach by leaps and bounds. All the socials have grown A LOT and the email list too. This has led to increases in donations and influence. I don’t know what to tell you. Things have gone well.