Pinterest Research – The Basics

I’m interested in exploring Pinterest. It doesn’t get the attention that the other social media apps get, but I know it’s hugely popular with women. And Women drive marketing. So below are my notes and thoughts as I explore the amazing world of Pinterest.

Not a single one of these Pinterest videos seems to be done by a man. They’re all annoying marketing women. These are the types of gals that caused the Bud Light boycott.

I did not know Pinterest was the third largest search engine behind Google and YouTube. That huge for SEOs. Not sure why people aren’t talking about that more.

Pinterest is not a social media platform it’s a visual platform, “think of it as a visual Google.” Pins pictures and images that are on the platform that you click on and will take you to websites. It’s like Google Images? People clicking on your pins will drive traffic. Saved Images saving images is the most valuable signal for the algo. people use Pinterest to work on a project or to plan for something. Pinterest is a very productive platform. Board is like digital mood board. People save pins to boards for them to reference.

If you create content that people save to boards, the algo will like you and promote your stuff more. More saves equals more traffic. Give people a reason to click on your pins. It’s not like other Socials. There’s no interaction and is very positive.

Six Steps to Get started with Pinterest.

  1. Start an account and make sure it’s a business account.
  2. Decide on the niche of your account. Don’t go in leading with Sales. Create content that is informational around your niche. Teach and provide value. The platform is SEO/keyword based. Don’t be vague. Don’t be random.
  3. Find the right keywords. Find the right keywords for your pins. Do your research on pinterest to discover pinterest keywords. I have to image Google Keywords will be very similar. Video says it’s no like Instagram. Durrr. Use the suggested search to find keywords to start. Start with 20
  4. Set up your profile. There are four elements to consider: Profile Image, Cover Image, Profile Name, and Profile Description. High Quality photos that are consistent across all platforms. Use the cover image as a CTA to promote your offer–Discounts, ethical bribes, time limited offers. Profile Name is straight forward. Use the description to tell people how you help them.
  5. Set up 3-5 boards around keywords and Niche. Think of them as content pillars. Name your boards and give them a good description that describes exactly what can be found in those boards.
  6. Create content– Create 2:3 Aspect Ratio images. Add headlines to images. If you click here there is something behind this image that is external. Listicals do well on Pinterest. Add a pin description with Keywords that is short and simple. Create pins on a sustainable schedule. Work up to three pins a day!!!! Woah!

Pinterest is a marketing tool. It’s a visual search engine. It’s easier to rank on Pinterest than on Google. Niche Down. Niche Down. Niche Down.

Learn effective Pin Design! There are tons of pin types. This is the next thing to research. According to this video here are the top pin types: How to Pins, List Pins, Idea Pins.

How To Pins are regular images that lead to your blog. List Pins that are listicles that lead to a blog post. Idea Pins are like Shorts or Reels.

SEO Tips: Use Keywords. Use keywords everywhere there is text. Create consistent content.

Easily the most annoying of the videos

Pinterest is more like Google and YouTube. Use a strong Keyword Strategy. Use pins to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Use to find questions to answer. to see trends on Pinterest. This is essentially like Google Trends. this will be huge for doing keyword research.

Write a Blog post first. Add pins to blog post so people can pin it from the blog post. Use Canva to create pins. There are tons of pin templates you can use to create pins quickly. Use keywords in the Images.

This video was brutal to get through. I skipped the last third.

The algo has an engagement and keyword side. This has been the best video so far. She’s a real pro. You can tell she got started in marketing as an SEO and not a YouTuber(I’m guessing). Pinterest be growing like crazy. It’s actually a full funnel marketing channel. It’s got everything from awareness to CTA aspects to it. Pinterest users are loyal. they’re also decision makers in their home(aka women).

Answer Questions. Answer Questions. Answer Questions.

Create pins for the different levels in the funnel: Interest, Consideration, & Purchase.

There are tons of pin types! Video Pins is something too!

Static Pins are for everything. They’re the bedrock or Pinterest. Video Pins are great for engagement and build algo trust. Infographic Pin are great for info and can be used for most Pinterest strategies.

Pinterest is a mix of SEO and socials. Good pins can drive traffic for years. But more content more often helps! GREAT A WORKFLOW. Pinterest comes with a scheduler. So does Canva. Schedule to you most relevant board first. Pinterest is big on relevancy.

Called it! She’s totally a Google SEO!

Pick branded keywords that you try to always rank for. Pinterest keywords doesn’t have cannibalization. So you can post the same type of stuff over and over again.

Optimize you profile – Board covers are pins that you pick to be the cover. Make them easy and skimable. Identify who you are and how you help people.

Create multiple images. Don’t spam and don’t repin things too much. Canva Bulk Create? Interesting

This was easily the best video of the Bunch. I subscribed. She’s great. I would recommend watching her video if you want to learn more about Pinterest. She does sell a course, but they all do.

Random Pinterest Facts

Pinterest Trends is actually very accurate. They Hit on 80%. Thier user base is mostly between 25 and 34 and is 76% female also 42% of it is Gen Z. one out of every three Pinterest shoppers has an annual income of $100,000 or more. It’s married women.