Pinterest Research – Content Creation

Now that I have the basics down. Let’s look at a pivotal part of Pinterest strategy–content creation. Pinterest is a SEO tool which means content is king. So learning how to create Pinterest optimized content is going to be huge for getting in the rankings. It’s also going to be help for figuring out what drives clicks.

3 Types of Pinterest Pins to Test in Your Strategy

Three types of Pinterest Pins. A lot of public canva templates can be rebranded and used for your pins.


The goal is to drive saves and juice the algo. they boost engagements which will signal to Pinterest that your content is great.

Look up “Infographics” in Canva. You can use AI to help you write the copy.

This pin works best for saves.

Animated Pins

Take static pins. Use them again. But add an animation in Canva. Change the stock imagery and the colors to give it a new look.

Usually you’ll click and element and just animate it. Text and backgrounds work great. There is also a magic animate button in Canva that’s pretty good and makes life simple. You will upload them as MP4 and Gifs to upload them to Pinterest. She suggests NOT using a scheduling tool for these types of pins.

This pin works well for saves and Traffic.

Text only

No pictures! A Text-only pin will stick out because it is not image based. It’s a great way to stick out. Keep it minimal and Text focused.

The goal for this pin type is to convert. Get traffic and saves.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Pin // How to Design Pinterest Pins in 2023 (Beginner’s Guide)

Eight GAME CHANGING STRATEGIES!!!! She has a fun accent. Some sort of Eastern European? She look Spanish though. I like her earrings–Thick Loops. Further evidence she’s Hispanic. Just checked her channel. SHE’S SWISS! I did not see that coming.

The perfect pin has a purpose and a goal. You can encourage engagement or you can drive conversions. Saves and comments matter. They can help the algo, but the ultimate conversion is a click.

Tip One: KNOW YOU AUDIENCE!!! Address pain points and make sure the landing pages make sense with the pins. Solve problems.

Tip Two: Make custom vertical images. use the 2:3 aspect ratio(1000px x 1500px). You can go a little be longer, but you’re playing with fire. Bu tit seems like 1:2 can work(1000px x 2000px).You can’t just reuse YouTube thumbnails and Instagram posts.

    Tip Three: Use text overlays on your design. CTAs work. no kidding. Relevant image + title + CTA. Bold and easy to read fonts. This is a lot like making good ads. In fact, it’s exactly the same. High Contrast so that it’s very readable. Pinterest is actually going to be great practice for creating ads.

    Tip Four: The Algo scans the images. And can know if works and images are related. No spam and no laziness. Make a cohesive design. This tip is for the foreigners who are just throwing up random content as fast as possible. Have the words match the image. High Quality crisp images.

    Tip Five: Use a CTA! Don’t worry about followers. You want followers. Pinterest like socials has the relationship where converting content tends to not lead to engagement. And engagement content tends to not convert. Tell people to “click here’ or “click to learn more.” Make it look like a clickable option. “Share with a friend,” “Click now,” “comment below,” etc…

    Tip Six: Pin titles are important! Write engaging and keyword relevant titles. Very SEO focused. Enticing title to get clicks, “How to’s.” also stuff them with Keywords. Be natural about it. The good news is all the titles of my blogs are optimized for both of these already.

    Tip Seven: Good Descriptions! Use the description to sell a bit harder. discuss the benefits and give more details about the underlying content. this is very similar to the SERP description. Also, you can add more keywords!!! Add a mix of high volume and keyword variants. Cover different search terms so you can use. Formula for a good description: Hook + Benefits + Keywords + CTA = PROFIT

    Tip Eight: Make sure the landing page is relevant. Link to blog posts or landing pages. Linking to your homepage is not optimal. NO FALSE PROMISES!

    5 SECRET CANVA Pinterest HACKS – How to Use Canva for Pinterest Pin Design (2021)

    Bit of an older video. But we’ll see if it has some good tips.

    Canva Hack One: Pin size! 2:3 AR. 1000px x 1500px. or 1:2 AR. 1000px x 2000px.

    Canva Hack Two: Canva Templates! Search for “Pinterest Pins.”

    Canva Hack Three: Video Pins! You can create videos with Canva.

    Canva Hack Four: Stock Images! Canva has them.

    Canva Hack Five: Remove Backgrounds!

    Oof this video was not helpful. That’s probably a good sign that I know what I’m doing relative to other people. But this video was a chore.

    Use Canva Bulk Create & ChatGPT for Faster Pinterest Pin Design

    You cannot use grids you need to use frames. Make sure your pin design is fully set up before you import or data. I have no idea what these mean yet.

    There’s a Canva app called – Bulk Create.

    Bulk Create is kind of interesting. You upload a CSV and Canva creates a bunch of images in a row for you.

    Weak video mostly discussing the Bulk Create App.