Case Studies

Modern Age Website Launch

On March 4th, 2024, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute(ISI), with the help of Beck&Stone, launched the Modern Age website. This was one of the major projects I was tasked with as the Director of Marketing for ISI. And after several months of hard work, we were able to launch a website that we were proud of, and that is quickly making waves.

The History of Modern Age Journal

Modern Age is one of the oldest conservative journals. Started by Russel Kirk in 1957, Modern Age became a hub for intellectual conservatives to argue and discuss ideas. The list of people who have been published in Modern Age is extensive. Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Frank Meyer, Richard Weaver, Frank Meyer, Harry Jaffa, Murray Rothbard, M.E. Bradford, Ludwig von Mises, Willmoore Kendall, and other daring minds have argued their ideas. Its editors have included Eugene Davidson, David S. Collier, George A. Panichas, R. V. Young, and Peter Augustine Lawler, who have all been on the pages of Modern Age.

Because of its prestigious reputation, our work was cut out for us.

Website Build

Russel Kirk was famous for his appreciation of beauty. Because of this, it was important to us that the new Modern Age website be beautiful. It could not be just another website. It needed to be handsome and dignified. We spent most of our time designing the website. Careful consideration was put into selecting fonts, colors, logo redesigns, and everything else. We were meticulous. We even went to the point of redesigning the lead article design three weeks before launch.

Let’s discuss some of the technical aspects of the build. The site was built using WordPress and the full suite of Automattic plugins. Two unique aspects of the build are that Modern Age is still a print magazine, so we needed a way to take subscriptions. Second, we wanted an automated email that goes out every day, encouraging people to read that day’s article.

Previously, the Modern Age heads had been using for all of their transactions. We decided to join the 21st century and use Stripe. After deciding on which technology we wanted to use, we decided to integrate the Stripe API with the WordPress site, which was not too difficult. We were far from the first site that ever needed to do this. Chris Rudski, the Director of Technology for Beck&Stone, was able to do it easily.

The feature of sending out daily emails was set up using an RSS feed and MailChimp. Again, with Chris’s help, we were able to set up an RSS feed that contained all the information we needed. From there, we used MailChimp’s RSS automated email functionality to schedule and send out the emails. They now promptly go out every Monday through Friday at 12 PM Eastern.

Wrapping Up

I could not be more proud of how the Modern Age website turned out. It did take longer than expected, but the launch was flawless and well received. Given the publication’s prestigiousness, there were lofty expectations for the site, and I think we surpassed them.