Powerful Midjourney Style Reference Feature

By Jon Elordi

The Midjourney style reference feature allows you to reference an image to keep a consistent style across many Midjourney generations. This can be helpful for branded projects or for creating lookalikes. It’s a parameter you can use within the imagine prompt.

Here’s an example of how it can be used. the first image is the reference. The second is the output image with reference. And the third is the output without the reference. the prompt for the two generated images was “a castle.”

Calvin and Hobbes Style Reference
Midjourney style reference example
No Style Refernce

As you can see the Style Ref feature is powerful.

How to use the Midjourney Style Reference Feature

The Style Reference Feature is a parameter within an imagine prompt. To use Style Reference add “–sref [URL]” to the end of your prompt like you would with aspect ratios. There is also a style weight parameter that allows you to control the amount of influence the reference image has on the output. To use style weight add “–sw [0-1000]” to the end of your prompt. the default value is 100. To REALLY apply the style choose numbers closer to 1000. To lower the power of the style, set the weight close to 0.

So there you go. That’s how you use the Style Reference feature in Midjourney. It’s super simple. But incredibly powerful. See more Midjourney updates here.