Midjourney Describe – Create Prompts Based on Image Upload

By Jon Elordi

Prompt engineering can be challenging. Sometimes, you see an image, but you’re not sure how to turn it into a prompt. That’s where Midjourney describe comes in.

The team at Midjounrey has added a new feature to their Midjourney discord bot: the “/describe” feature. This feature allows you to upload an image, and then Midjourney will generate a description of the image you can use for prompt engineering.

You can use describe not only to get a description but also to generate the style of the uploaded image. This allows you to make prompts and get inspiration for future images.

How to Generate a Prompt using Midjounrey Describe

Go into Discord, where you would normally use Midjourney. From there, type in the command “/describe”.

Midjounrye Describe Feature

You will then be prompted to upload an image into Midjourney. Either select or drag and drop an image into Midjourney. And the press enter.

Boeing 747 - Photo Example

For this example, I’m going to use a black-and-white photo of a Boeing 747.

Picture uploaded into Midjourney

And in just a few seconds, Midjourney will give you four different example prompts.

Four Midjourney Prompts

Not too bad, right? You can see from the descriptions that Midjourney isn’t perfect. It got the airplane model wrong. But Midjourney got the context for the image and produced four solid text prompts.

Midjourney not only provides several text prompts but also makes it easy to select one. All you need to do is select 1, 2, 3, or 4. Midjournrey will automatically run that text prompt in Midjourney. Or you can click “Imagine All” and have Midjourney generate all the prompts.

You can see how this is a powerful tool for creating pictures in a similar style.

Here’s an example of one of the prompts:

MidJourney Describe

As you can see, creating a prompt from an image is easy. You can upload a picture into Midjourney and quickly get several images with a similar art style. The describe command is a powerful tool for prompt engineering and will allow you to create tons of images. It’s a great command for Midjourney and makes the process of prompt engineering that much easier.

It makes it easy for a person like me to write a quick article on how to do it. I used Midjourney for all of the stock images in The Catholic Handbook. You can learn more about that project in this case study article.