Marketing to Conservative Seniors


Jon Elordi

If you’re in the business of marketing to conservatives, then you need to know how to market to seniors. The data on this subject is pretty clear. Conservative audiences tend to be older and conservative seniors are key demographics for many conservative companies(i.e., FoxNews, MyPillow, etc..). Currently, the percentage of the population over the age of 65 is 16.8%. But by 2030, that number is expected to increase to over 20%. Seniors and people in retirement are a substantial audience with disposable income that you should pay attention to.

However, marketing to conservative seniors can be tricky because their digital habits are different from younger people.

Older consumers have not grown up with the internet like Millennials or Gen Z Generations. Therefore, it’s necessary to adapt your marketing strategy to their online behavior.

About the Audience

The first thing to understand about marketing to conservative seniors is that they’re not like the average American. People in this demographic often live on fixed incomes or off of a company benefits program. And while many do have fixed incomes, the flip side is many seniors also have large savings. Either way, this is an audience that cares and worries about money.

This is one of the reasons that financial services and precious metals investments are heavily market to this group.

Another point of focus for this demographic is their concern for the future. This population is the most likely to have children and especially grandchildren. They worry about their family, the future of America, and the legacy they are leaving behind.

The other main concern for conservative seniors is health. These are aging Americans, many are on Medicare, and they’re looking to optimize their health so they can enjoy their retirement.

Because these are chief concerns for seniors, fear-based tactics work well on this demographic. Unfortunately, that is the case. But that is the truth of the situation.

At Aqueduct Marketing, we think there is an ethical way to do fear-based marketing. Because there are things to be worried about. However, most marketers don’t take this approach. They write ads that scare their customers because they know it works. We at Aqueduct Marketing don’t believe in emotionally manipulating customers.


Media Tactics

Because this audience is less natively tech-savvy than younger people, seniors tend to have limited internet usage.


Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. Most people have a Facebook profile. It’s also the platform that skews the oldest. And it’s where you’ll find this audience.

this audience loves to share pictures of their family and update their friends on Facebook. For many in this demographic, social media is a chance to reconnect now that they’re in retirement.

To find older people on Facebook, you can use the built-in age targeting or target members of Facebook groups that cater to this population. Facebook has great data and dozens of ways to test your targeting.


Another effective way to advertise to conservative seniors is using traditional media like television or OTT. This is a generation that watched TV their entire life. They trust television ads more than any other generation.

The important thing to remember is to find channels and times that are being watched by conservatives. This means you’ll want to target local news or Fox News channels. Or you’ll want to target sports channels like ESPN or the Golf Channel. The Golf Channel is notorious for being the place to target conservative men.

A cheaper alternative would be to target conservative news sources like OANN or NewsMax. They also have conservative audiences, but they’re much smaller.

One thing to be aware of is that not OTT products will be effective. Hulu and many streaming services have demographics that skew younger.

Direct Mail

Research has shown that direct mail is making a comeback. In the distant past direct mail was the main way marketers tested copy. With the dawning of the internet, direct mail took a backseat. Well, direct mail is back. Our first-hand and third-party research has shown that direct mail has become very effective in the last few years.

It’s never been easier to send people messages in print as prices have decreased for this tactic. Direct mail has immense value, and we have seen a good amount of sales. We would suggest looking into this tactic. It’s a lost art in marketing, but this segment of the population responds to this tactic.

Email Marketing

The other tactic to look into is email marketing. Older people have higher open rates and click-through rates than their younger counterparts. Using Facebook ads or other tactics to build an email list is an effective strategy for this segment of the population.

Calls To Action

With this audience, you can get away with using different calls to action in your sales. People over the age of 50 are more likely to make a phone call, and they’re also more likely to share or promote a product. They’re also more likely to use snail mail to complete a sale.

Many of our nonprofit clients still receive checks in the mail from their older donors.

Wrapping Up

The lifestyle of people over 65 is different from those in their 20s and 30s. And it’s long past time marketers considered that when marketing to conservative seniors. This group of people identify and are part of an older generation which means that many of the older marketing tactics still work. For example, tactics like television commercials and direct mail still get great responses from this group.

But don’t over-stereotype. Conservatives can be found on digital platforms like Facebook and can be reached through email.

Many marketers think this demographic doesn’t build new relationships. However, we know that when advertised correctly, conservative seniors are happy to build a relationship with a new brand. The trick is to have a good idea of your ideal customer and find where they’re active.

Interested in Working with a Conservative Marketing Agency that shares your values?

Aqueduct Marketing specializes in working with conservative clients and marketing to conservative audiences. As I’m sure you’ve seen, many marketing agencies are staffed with liberal employees who do not share their clients’ values.

This leads to shoddy marketing, and worse, it can destroy a brand. If you don’t believe us look at what happened to Bud Light.

That’s where Aqueduct Marketing is different. We are owned and staffed by conservatives. We share your values, and we share the values of your customers. If you’ve interested in working with a marketing agency that shares your values, please fill out the form on our contact page.


What type of marketing is most effective with seniors?

A majority of older people use Facebook and enjoy watching YouTube and Netflix. It’s a stereotype to think seniors don’t utilize digital media. They are some of the most active users on Facebook and some of the main users of TV streaming services during daytime hours.

What type of Messages influences Conservative seniors?

Over the life course, people tend to become more politically and socially conservative. Messages that take that into account resonate at a much deeper level than flashy, overly-produced marketing. Consider using messaging that emphasizes nostalgia and has clear calls to action.

What do Conservative Seniors Care About?

Conservative seniors have three main concerns in their life: finances, health, and legacy. They’re concerned about their finances since many are on fixed incomes. They’re worried about their health as they age. And they worry about what they’re leaving behind for their families. By creating products or focusing your message on one of these concerns, your marketing campaigns should begin to resonate with conservative seniors.