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Facebook Birthday Ads

Facebook Birthday Campaign

A lesser-known campaign that I’ve found to be useful especially for eCommerce is the Facebook birthday campaign. Facebook is famous for its targeting or maybe it’s infamous for it. But most marketers only focus on demographic targetings like age and gender or affinity groups like

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Better Headlines

WARNING: Headlines Are Holding You Back

There is one part of any advertisement that is more important than the rest. The one thing that can make or break your ad. It’s the part that should get the bulk of your attention. A good one can lead to high click-through rates and

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Advertising on Gab

Advertising on Gab – What You Need To Know

On August 5th Gab announced they were starting a beta to test advertising on Gab’s social media platform. This is big news for all conservative marketers. Firstly, Gab has a large conservative userbase. And secondly, because Gab’s founder Andrew Torba is a conservative Christian, Gab

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