Good Podcast About Growing a Blog Into a Business

I was listening to this podcast while I was at the gym. It’s about a guy who took a gardening blog and turned it into an 8-figure gardening branding.

What’s interesting about him is that he was a hustler who happened to like gardening. So he had several blogs and attempts at making internet money before striking gold on his gardening brand. He had some Kendrick Lamar brand sites and another blog about face creams or something.

A key takeaway I took from this that’s very relatable to what I’m doing at The Catholic Handbook is that his blog started off by monetizing with ads and SEO. Which is exactly what I’m doing. He said that he quit his job to go all in on his blog when he was making just $450 a month. I’m not planning to do that, but the truth is I’m not that far off from $450 a month.

It struck me how long it took for his blog to really make decent money. From what he said, it seemed like it took 3-4 years before he started offering products and really developing a full-fledged brand. That’s something to keep in mind as I approach the end of year 1 with TCH.

I do think there are some differences between his brand and TCH. First of all, our niches are very different. Mine is Catholicism. His is gardening. The unique nature of a religious themed blog, I think, is something to be aware of. The other thing, too, is that I’m not sure if there are many product opportunities within Catholicism. The major Catholic brands are either publishers, media companies, nonprofits, or spirituality apps. I don’t know of any Catholic brands that sell Catholic stuff. Like, what even is Catholic stuff? Statues?

All that to say I think there’s a ceiling for something like TCH. But that’s okay. The ceiling with ads, I think, is quite high. And I’m building it more for the adventure than the revenue.