Review of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

I work as a data analyst and part of my job is to create dashboards for our clients. Dashboards are how we communicate our findings in the data to the relevant stakeholders. Graphic design and style are not strengths of mine. I am more of a coder and math-person. Tufte’s The Visual Display of Quantitative Information was recommended to me as a way to up my dashboard making game. Reading this book has certainly made my dashboards clearer and more informative.

Tableau Tutorial – Period Over Period Comparisons

UPDATE: This is one of my older posts. This method still works, but I have since made two other periods over period comparison tutorials. Those methods might provide decent alternatives if this method doesn’t work for what you’re trying to do. A very basic and blunt way to do date range comparisons can be found here. And a more sophisticated version can be found here. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope these help!

A staple of dashboards is the standalone KPI with a red and green number below it indicating the percent change since the previous period. Usually, the period is a quarter or a month. A prime example is Google Analytic’s home page.

Tableau Tutorial – Pagination

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a table with pagination. I will be using the superstore data that comes included with Tableau.

Albert Pujols’ 2009 MVP – Moving Averages

I am more comfortable with R, and I want to switch to Python. Python is a more robust programming language, and I think will be the future of data analysis. So  I wanted to get some practice using Python. My project this week was to take Albert Pujols’ 2009 MVP season. Add a column for his wOBA. Graph it as a scatterplot. Then add two moving averages on wOBA. My hope was to learn more about pandas and plotly, and also see how wOBA can change over a season.

Edwin Diaz Dashboard

I was recently sent this article from FanGraphs. The article was meant to inspire a blog post. Well, it did. Mission accomplished Salem. I decided to make a dashboard in Tableau about Edwin Diaz’s pitching. I have pushed it to Tableau Public, here.