In 2017 I was tired of my job in IT and wanted to make a change.  I wanted to become a data analyst. I had always enjoyed data. From sports to personal finance to counting calories, data and numbers just made sense to me. If you’ve always been a “numbers guy” but don’t work as … Read more

KPI is probably the most used and least understood acronym in business. It’s everywhere, and people constantly discuss a KPI or metric when launching any new marketing campaign. You’ll often hear, “Well, what are the KPIs?” Understanding what KPIs are and how to utilize them is a valuable skill that can have a huge impact … Read more

When it comes to website tracking and understanding website usage, Google Analytics is the gold standard. Approximately, 53% of all websites use it, which is several times higher than the next closest competitor: Adobe Analytics. Part of what makes Google Analytics so popular is that it’s free. There are more deluxe versions of it, Google … Read more

When cleaning data you’ll almost always need to rename the columns in R. And if you’re like me, you’ll forget how to do it every time. I wanted to create this post as a reference for how to rename the columns. I’ll be going over two ways to rename the columns. One method uses base … Read more

This is a review and my answers to the DataCamp Project Visualizing COVID-19. You can find the project here if you want to do it for yourself. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Datacamp project. My last one was on visualizing music data. DataCamp Project Review: It’s a fairly straight forward project that … Read more

One of the more interesting and troubling news stories right now is the Coronavirus outbreak in China and across the world. Data visualization and disease have a history together, starting with the famous Cholorea map by John Snow. So, I used Tableau to create a Coronavirus dashboard. To see the dashboard in Tableau and not … Read more

WordPress sites now make up almost 30 percent on the internet. In fact, this blog is built with WordPress and hosted by Bluehost(It’s an affiliate link, but you get half off your first month). So since so much of the internet is powered by WordPress I thought I show how to install Google Analytics onto … Read more

I entered my submission to r/DataIsBeautiful’s monthly data visualization competition. This post explains how I went through the Rubik’s Cube data. How I came up with the idea. How I cleaned the data. And ultimately how I visualized it in Tableau. The final result can be found here. Also if you want to see my … Read more

It can be tricky to compare two date ranges in Tableau. I’ve done a similar tutorial in the past, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Especially when you’re used to the simplicity of Google Analytics or the ubiquity of Excel. This tutorial will show a way to create custom date ranges … Read more

Below is a link to my submissions to r/DataIsBeautiful’s monthly DataViz battle. For June, the data set r/DataIsBeautiful is the World Happiness Report. I specifically decided to look at South America. What led me to look at South America was Venezuela. In terms of happiness score, the country fell significantly from 2015 to 2017. The … Read more