Crypto / Web3 Ad Networks & PR

I find the crypto and web3 space endlessly fascinating. It’s a new technology that almost no one understands but everyone has heard about. And what they’ve mostly heard about are the scams and the price of bitcoin. But blockchain technology is so much more than memecoins and degeneracy. So I want to explore different aspects of the ecosystem as it relates to marketing. What are the technologies being developed? And what are the marketing strategies being used in Crypto?

Let’s start with a basic look at the various ad networks.

First of all, it appears that most of these crypto ad networks are just regular ad networks that focus on crypto content. On the hand this is kind of disappointing. Nothing like advertising a new technology that you yourself don’t use. But on the other hand there is certainly a need for crypto specific ad networks given the Google and Facebook policies about crypto advertising.

Let’s look at some of the more popular Crypto ad networks.

HypeLab – Ad Network

HypeLab offers both video and image advertising options to their customers. They also seem to have their own design team to help you out, which is smart business move on their part. They claim to use “on chain data” to help personalize their ad targeting. While I’m not entirely sure what this means exactly, the data collected by public blockchains, in theory, would be invaluable to advertisers. The same data that can make blockchains into totalitarian tools also serve ad networks. So in theory this should get you some great targeting options and better attribution.

HypeLab does say it can serve ads to you off-chain and on-chain. So I guess that means websites and dapps? The fact that they have so much in-house is interesting. They have an in-house design team. Dnd in-house developers to help people add ads to their projects.

Coinzilla – Ad Network

CoinZilla is an Estonia-based company that’s been around since 2016. CoinZilla is more of a traditional ad network. They’ve got a roster of 1000s of Crypto publishers that you can advertise with. Essentially their a niche ad network, and their niche is Crypto and Blockchain.

They offer several ad types–Banner, Pop Up, Pop Unders, and Native. And they’ll even do Press Release distribution. They too have an in-house design studio.

The cool thing about Coinzilla is they are willing to pay publishers in Crypto, which was really cool in 2016, but is kind of less cool now.

Overall, CoinZilla feels like a robust Ad Network. It’s not doing anything flashy. But it’s got its niche and its doing well.

Coinscribble – PR

Coinscibble isn’t really an ad network. It’s a PR distribution network. However, PR is highly valuable for any business in the Crypto space. It’s hard to run ads in Crypto because of the bad reputation. Because of this earned media is more valuable than it would be for other industries.

The other major feature Coinscribble offers is SEO link building. While the other ad platforms have design agencies attached, Coinscribble has an SEO agency!

If you’re looking to do an earned media and SEO play, Coinscibble is probably the best place to go.

Slise – Ad Network

Slise has the coolest website. And their whole pitch is that you should stop using web2 ads, and instead start advertising on dApps. I love it. This is a crypto-native ad network. They too are leveraging the on-chain data for better targeting and have a programmatic setup. They also claim there’s no need for cookies because of of the on-chain data they’re using.

I love the concept. I have to image their inventory is garbage. Digital advertising needs millions of impressions. I know millions of people in the US own crypto. But how many of them are actually active users?

Block Chain Ads – Ad Network

Block Chain Ads looks to be the most promising. Like Slise it’s web3 native, but they actually talk about targeting options. With Block Chain Ads you can target users by Chain, Wallet, and some predefined web3 custom audiences. This is huge. If you’re working on a Solana project and you need to get in front of Solana holders, this level of targeting is exactly what you need. Especially early on when you’re looking to get conversions.

CoinTraffic – Ad Network

Coin Traffic Appears to be your standard Ad Network that specializes in Web3 and Crypto websites