Hello, i’m Jon Elordi

Conservative Marketer

A brief introduction

I’m Jon Elordi, and I’m a conservative marketer working on the East Coast. I grew up in a conservative household and went to Hillsdale College for school My conservative credentials are undeniable.

While working on Madson Ave. I noticed every marketer I worked with was a liberal Democrat. They would have conservative clients they hated. A marketer’s job is to speak for their client. They can’t do that effectively if they hate their clients.

It was then that I decided to dedicate myself to helping conservatives.

This is my website where I write about and share my journey. You’ll find posts about Catholicism, politics, marketing, and many other things.

Skills & Competencies
Brandywine Advertising
Brandywine Advertising

I run a small local SEO marketing agency specializing small businesses. If you’re looking to show up first in google maps check out Brandywine Advertising.

Latest Projects
24-hour live stream

How to set up a 24-hour live stream on YouTube

Twenty-four-hour live streams are a growing trend on YouTube. There are channels dedicated to providing constant live content to their viewers, Channels like Lofi Girl have been streaming live for years and have built huge followings. And you can too. … Read more

Five Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ad Copy

Whether we like them or not, the social media companies are here to stay. Advertising on social media is a crucial part of any advertising strategy. The largest social media platform with the most users is Facebook, with over 2.9 billion … Read more

top of funnel

Top of The Funnel, Bottom of My Heart

In a previous blog post, I brought up the idea of marketing funnels. The marketing funnel is a fundamental concept in all of marketing. The top of the funnel is where you get the most significant reach, and as people … Read more

Austrian White Wine Statistics

Austrian White Wine Grape Statistics

Austria is mostly known for its white wine, and the statistics back that up. White wine grape varietals make up 67.60% of all grape varietals grown in Austria. The most prominent white grape varietal is Gruner Veltliner making up almost half of … Read more

Austrian white wines

Austrian White Wines – An Introduction

Austria is an up-and-coming country for wine lovers to investigate. If you’re looking for crisp acidity and a price tag that won’t break the bank, you should definitely start getting into Austrian white wines. The best-known Austrian wines are the … Read more

Zweigelt wine

Zweigelt Wine – Austria’s Most Famous Red Wine

Looking for a unique great summer wine? Then I suggest trying the Austrian red wine known as Zweigelt(pronounced TSVY-galt). It is far removed from the traditional Pinot noir and Merlot and provides a distinctive and refreshing taste profile. The Zweigelt … Read more

Is jerking off a sin

Is Jerking Off a Sin

I went down some internet rabbit holes and realized this question gets asked a lot. Is masturbation a sin? The answer, as a Catholic, is yes. If you’re a protestant, I’m sure you’ll find a denomination that can help you … Read more

Grave marker

Prayer for souls in purgatory

I like praying for the dead. Some day I’m going to die, and I hope someone will pray for my soul. Some so many people have died and have been forgotten. I like to think my praying can help. The … Read more

Josef Pieper

Josef Pieper – The Catholic Philosopher You Should Know

Josef Pieper was one of the twentieth century’s most popular Catholic philosophers and Thomists. While he was famous well known for leading the neo-Thomist movement during his life, it seems that his popularity has waned in recent years. This is … Read more