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Jon Elordi


About Me

Hello, I’m Jon Elordi, and I’m a conservative marketer.

I believe in traditional American values, which is sadly a minority opinion these days.

The big tech and the media have influenced this country to make anyone with traditional beliefs an outcast. For the foreseeable future, Big Tech will continue to remove conservative voices and conservative companies.

I saw this happening when I worked for a marketing agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. And this is why I left New York for Texas and proudly worked for New Founding, building new conservative alternatives. After a year of successfully building several brands. I became the Director of Marketing for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. To spread the values that make America great to future generations.

My goal is to help conservatives with their marketing needs. That’s why I created my newsletter, The Dissident Marketer, to help conservatives in marketing or interested in marketing about how to thrive in our current environment.

Publius & Peter

As a marketer, I look at current events through the lens of symbolism and propaganda. Try Publius & Peter, my politics and current events blog, for a different perspective.

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