Work With Someone Who share Your Values


Work With Someone Who share Your Values

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Hello, I’m Jon Elordi, and I believe conservative values are American values, which is sadly a minority opinion these days.

The media has influenced this country to make anyone with traditional beliefs a social outcast. For the foreseeable future, Big Tech will continue to remove conservative voices and conservative companies.

I saw this happening when I worked for a marketing agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. And this is why I left New York for Texas and proudly work for New Founding, building new conservative alternatives. I was raised as an honest and conservative midwestern boy, and I believe in freedom of speech and the constitution.

I’m not going to stand by and watch as our institutions and big tech continue to silence conservative businesses. They are out to get you, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your business will suffer.

My goal is to teach and work with you so that your business can continue to put food on your table.

Marketing Articles

Past Clients

ALIGN is a newsletter dedicated to helping small businesses. It operates as an online chamber of commerce. I designed the landing page using and then connected the landing page to Campaign Monitor using Zapier. But the part about this client that makes me the proudest is the Facebook lead generation campaign. We were able to get subscribers for an incredibly low CPA and grew the list to over 10k subscribers.
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Stand 1 Armory
Stand 1 Armory is an ammo manufacture based in Weatherford, Texas. They specialize in making competition grade 9mm ammunition. I redesigned their website to make it sleeker and faster. Because firearms cannot advertise through traditional channels, we focused on an SEO and Email marketing approach. By making the site faster and updating the blog, organic traffic improved. By creating several automated email campaigns, return customer purchases increased as well.
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Hot Gulag Summer
This was a fun one. The American Mind wanted to make a merch shop around their phrase "Hot gUlag Summer." I quickly put together several mood boards, and the Client and I settled on the style we coined called "Soviet Synth." I then built a Shopify site and connected it to a print-to-order shirt company. We proceed to have Conservative influencers tweet out links to the site and pictures of them wearing merch to drives sales.
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